Architectural > Reflection Series LDR Headwalls

The LDR (Labor/Delivery/Recovery) Headwall is designed to bring a sense of comfort and home to the patient, without taking away the space for the required services needed in the room.

The cabinets are spacious enough to allow for the full use of any secondary equipment, such as Flow Meters, Suction Regulators, Vacuum Bottles, etc., as well as store these units until they are needed. This keeps the room looking neat, yet fully equipped.

Each LDR unit comes with your choice of wood stain, which will be hand applied to perfection. The unit is polished to give it a smooth and shining finish, and is also resistant to water and harmful liquids such as nail polish remover and alcohol.


Execution of all LPG system ( Liquid propane Gas ) according to National Gas Company and Civil Defense