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Water-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump systems have always enjoyed a good reputation based on exceptional reliability, low maintenance and a very long field-proven record. However, they normally require a continuous supply of water when they run which can be costly when water and sewage costs are added.

AMICO Corporation has developed "Economizer V" - a line of water-sealed liquid ring vacuum systems that offer a unique feature: field selectable and adjustable amount of partial water recirculation up to 95% without the use of heat exchangers and chilled water. This feature will dramatically minimize operating expenses without the added cost to the initial price, installation and maintenance.

  • Very good choice for a dedicated anesthesia evacuation system
  • Simple, time-proven design
  • Capable of taking slugs of water
  • Low maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Dependence on a reliable supply of water
  • Good water quality is critical to avoid premature failures due to scale build-up

Model Number Pump HP System

Tank Size

Pump SCFM at 19"Hg System SCFM at 19"Hg
V-LRW-D-120P-TH-N-015 1.5

Duplex Tank Mounted

120 6.2 6.2*
V-LRW-D-120P-TH-N-030 3 120 13.5 13.5*
V-LRW-D-120P-TH-N-050 5 120 27.7 27.7*
V-LRW-D-200P-TH-N-075 7.5 200 49.0 49.0*
NOTE: System capacities are shown without the reserve pump per NFPA 99


Execution of all LPG system ( Liquid propane Gas ) according to National Gas Company and Civil Defense